Ipek Yolu - Tropical Anatolia

Tropical Anatolia

Our album Tropical Anatolia ist out now on Sounds of Subterrania!

Ipek Yolu - Ayvaz


This is our version of an old Turkish folk song about the legend and folk hero Köroglu’s sidekick Ayvaz. The song has a twist of 70s rock and afro vibes. It’s a story where you are taken on a journey. Close your eyes and let yourself be in with the music.

It’s the first song of our upcoming album, which will have the wonderful name TROPICAL ANATOLIA, released on August 13th 2021.

Afro Turko

Second single from the upcoming album TROPICAL ANATOLIA

Afro Turko is our own composition and this one we are very proud of. The starting point is afro music mixed with spaghetti western and Anatolian folk music with Moroccan rhythms. It is a symphonic arrangement where you are involved in a story that is free of interpretation. This is cinematic music.

Ay Adam

Third song from TROPICAL ANATOLIA.

The english translation for Ay Adam is “Moon Man”. It was the very first track we made together as a band and because of this, it is a very special song for us. It is a nicely made blend between Anatolian and arabic folk and Cumbia. We feel that with this song we have made something very unique and a sound maybe not heard before.


Ipek Yolu is the Turkish name for the Silk Road which connected the East and the West. This band does not deal in silk but they connect flavors, smells and sounds from different corners of the globe, connecting the world.

The band merges bass-heavy electro-tinged cumbia grooves, saz riffs and surf guitar into a multicultural melting pot of South American rhythms, Anatolian folk music and 60s psychedelic rock. A unique universe of sound that bridges the tropical jungles and the dusty deserts in a kaleidoscopic blend of music. Ipek Yolu has used 2020 to write their debut album Tropical Anatolia and are ready to hit the venues and festivals.

The members of Ipek Yolu first got together for an improvised jam session during the Aarhus Roots & Hybrid Festival in 2018. The show was set up as a special one-time-only show merging members from the bands Hudna & Junglelyd. The show ended up lasting for almost three hours. It didn’t take them long to discover they were onto something special. If you know any of these bands mentioned you know you’re in for a body-shaking party, characterised by musical curiosity and improvisation.

The three members of Ipek Yolu have all been part of the Danish music scene for several years. The band leader, Orhan Özgür Turan, is a well-known and respected saz player all over Denmark, and has made a name for himself through his efforts in the Anatolian Folk band Hudna. In 2018 he won an award as Global Roots Artist of the year at The Danish World Music Awards. Olaf Brinch and Lasse Aagaard have worked together for many years making high energy cumbia with their band Junglelyd and Afrobeat with their band African Connection. Olaf is also an integral part of the Danish band AddisAbabaBand. In addition, Olaf and Lasse have toured and recorded with great musicians such as CC Yoyo, former drummer of Fela Kuti, in both Ghana and Denmark. All of the past experiences collided to create Ipek Yolu.




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