Ipek Yolu - Tropical Anatolia

Tropical Anatolia

Our album Tropical Anatolia ist out now on Sounds of Subterrania!

Ipek Yolu - Ayvaz


This is our version of an old Turkish folk song about the legend and folk hero Köroglu’s sidekick Ayvaz. The song has a twist of 70s rock and afro vibes. It’s a story where you are taken on a journey. Close your eyes and let yourself be in with the music.

It’s the first song of our upcoming album, which will have the wonderful name TROPICAL ANATOLIA, released on August 13th 2021.

Afro Turko

Second single from the upcoming album TROPICAL ANATOLIA

Afro Turko is our own composition and this one we are very proud of. The starting point is afro music mixed with spaghetti western and Anatolian folk music with Moroccan rhythms. It is a symphonic arrangement where you are involved in a story that is free of interpretation. This is cinematic music.

Ay Adam

Third song from TROPICAL ANATOLIA.

The english translation for Ay Adam is “Moon Man”. It was the very first track we made together as a band and because of this, it is a very special song for us. It is a nicely made blend between Anatolian and arabic folk and Cumbia. We feel that with this song we have made something very unique and a sound maybe not heard before.


A captivating collage of music from all corners of the earth, Ipek Yolu is the Turkish name for “The Silk Road”, which has connected the East and West for centuries, sharing flavors, colors and culture between the countries and peoples along its path.

The band has made a name for themselves, both locally and internationally, by performing a series of highly successful shows at venues and festivals such as SPOT Festival, Roskilde Festival, Altonale Festival (Hamburg), and the Valais Festival in Switzerland.

In 2020, Ipek Yolu was nominated as the best Roots live act at the Danish Music Awards, and the bands self titled debut album was awarded 4 of 5 stars by Rolling Stone magazine.

At the moment, the Silk Road is experimenting with new spices and flavors in the shape of new band members. Ipek Yolu now takes the form of a highly dynamic quartet, mixing the sounds of Turkish psychedelic folk with African and South American inspired rhythms, with a slight twist of hip-hop and jazz fusion. The focus of their sound is still on heavy grooves and burning Saz melodies, but electronic loops have now been upgraded to live drums, courtesy of the dynamic and award winning jazz/hip-hop drummer Frederik Bülow. Another new addition is the highly acclaimed keyboardist Malthe Jepsen, who is famous for his technical ability and blazing synth solos.

The band consists of the following line-up: Orhan Özgur (saz/vocals), Olaf Brinch (bass), Frederik Bülow (drums) and Malthe Jepsen (keys).

Ipek Yolu is guaranteed to deliver a musical experience unlike any other, and the dance floor is sure to spring alive as the band unleashes their highly unique combination of catchy melodies and infectious grooves upon the audience.

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